Bend it like Brand Beckham

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 02, 2014

Flashing camera lights. A wild cheer of fans. Roar of the spectators. And add to that a stylish player curling the football in the most elegant way in the top corner of the goal!

These are some scenes which billions of people across the world have witnessed for nearly 20 years. And all this incredible enthusiasm is for only one football player- David Beckham.

Beckham has redefined the way sports and entertainment go together. The English football star, hailed as one of the finest free kick takers ever, has build a brand for himself which is way beyond any sports personality has ever been able to do. Such is the fan following and charisma of Beckham, that he has fans spread in every corner of the world. And during his career, the “Brand Beckham” kept on evolving and growing.

Like a product life cycle, Beckham had a glorious start to this career when he started playing for Manchester United and England football teams. This was the time when the game witnessed a player who has special capabilities. Also, football as a sport was growing across boundaries especially in Asia. Beckham turned out to be the perfect ambassador for the sport as his game, passion, off-field life and personality reached out to millions of fans globally.

Beckham constantly redefined his personality by changing his looks almost every season. And every style statement made by the football star became a rage and adorned by almost all football fanatics. From college students to media to news, his style was always a talk of the town. Brand Beckham also got a power boost with his marriage to singer-celebrity Victoria. This further strengthened his brand value as both are considered to be the “fashion couple” of the world.

Apart from playing for England, Beckham played for some of the biggest football clubs in the world. Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy and PSG have all been the home for David Beckham. Such was his brand personality, that his mere signings at the clubs meant that was huge amount of business which was to be done in terms of merchandise like t-shirts, auto-graphed footballs, special souvenirs etc for which millions of people were willing to shell out billions of dollars.

Beckham has endorsed a series of powerful global brands as its brand ambassador. Pepsi, Adidas are some of the brands which have leveraged his global appeal in reaching out to the youth. Such was the personality of the football star, that even in countries where football is not a very popular sport, even there people are aware of him.

David Beckham is perhaps the most beautiful example of a global brand personality. A “complete product” which had quality, personality, style, looks and a global appeal. And it is factors like these that made Beckham a global superstar. Despite his retirement, the football star would continue to grab headlines the world over, and one thing that would remain forever in the heart of millions is “Brand Beckham”.

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