Aspirational and Inspirational Advertising- Making products timeless

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 24, 2011

Most of us might remember the old ads of Bajaj, Amul, Cadburys etc to even this date. Why?
This question is very important for us to understand as this will tell us what is necessary to connect with the audience. Take for eg the Hamara Bajaj ad. First of all it had a great theme song and tune, secondly it was aspirational (The advertisements need to be either aspirational or inspirational), it was in tune with the times and lastly the Bajaj scooter was itself a great product.

When you have a great product to sell then you also get support through word of mouth publicity. The people who have bought the product become your on-feet salesmen. It lessens the need of a massive sales force.

The reason why ads need to be either aspirational or inspirational can be understood while taking some of the best ads. For eg the recent Reebok tone shoes. There is apparently so much demand for it everywhere that the makers are able to fulfill just 2/3 rd of the requirement. Why such a demand you might ask? Who wouldn’t want toned body parts. The ads promise all this and more. The product has become aspirational now.

Most of the best advertisements can be categorized into one of the two. So why was this tried and trusted formula thrown away into oblivion? Random ads started appearing on the telly. The ads are most likely to be remembered for either the celebrities, babies or props in them. There is a very thin line for the ad makers as to whom to focus in the ad.

It’s tough as the current generation change their choices so often that the ad makers are slowly getting used to the fast food culture. However in the name of "YOUTH, GENERATION Y” etc,  they are not able to catch the pulse of the young. All youth are shown to be more focussed on their "cool looks", non-serious about anything etc. True some of our generation are like that, but by generalising the ad-makers are losing the plot.

Today a large segment of the youth are more focussed on their careers, know exactly what they want and therefore ads which touch this aspirational chord in them is presently not being used by the ad makers. A Bajaj scooter may no longer be aspirational today, but certainly a mid size car is.

The BMW ads that are clear on what their main touch point is. That is style, classy and comfort. Atleast the Indian ads of BMW don’t have any celebrities in them, but make you wish that you had one of those classy babies.

Therefore sum total of all the Mango Bytes i have told till now is
1) Know your audience
2) Be clear on your selling point
3) Make the ads either aspirational or inspirational
4) The Product should be the celebrity
5) Create a new audience for the product through unique marketing ideas.
That’s the job of marketers. Having a target group for your product is bad. You SHOULD NOT have a predetermined buyer profile in mind. Make it for all ages and classes. Only then your product will have the capability to survive competition. Think Maruti 800 in its heyday. Everyone from the youngest kid to elders wanted to have one in their garage.
6) Make the product timeless. Think Café Coffee day-the "A lot can happen over coffee" theme is timeless. It made it the "cool" place to hang out in.

This article has been authored by Vijeth Pandit from Faculty of Management studies (FMS) Delhi

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