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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 07, 2014

World as you can say the “Kalyug” in Shashtra’s is changing at a very rapid pace in all aspects be it in any of the economical, political, social and technological strata. People present are becoming more and more shroud and display the practical angle in whatever present at disposal.

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Talking about business in its real sense has been enduring an all new dimension and embarking speculated changes at every dine encountered to come up with results and maximizing profits. Nowadays, the old comfort of working as slaves under someone and breeding the family is forgone and entrepreneurship or what is called the “limelight stage” to infuse life into any untapped idea and imparting efforts to make it successful thereby prostrating the crippling mentality is very much awakened. Thoughts which were an illusion sometime ago are being practically implemented and furnished to the real world.

This very thing can be substantiated by the fact that in this decade of the 2000’s more than 70% of the entire startups or the self proclaimed business magnets have evolved as compared to the entire number. A rapid shift in the business saga is seen with emerging control groups in various markets like Amazon,Flipkart,Micromax etc showering their capabilities into a proper channel and meeting the people at large. Also, political sector which is the most manipulative and decisive sector for any industry to flourish is seen a turmoil in the form of new parties emerging and contemplating the strategic map.

Identifying the proper desire and inducing a much suitable strategy is the need of the hour which is being erupted at a fast pace. Old rookies who have surmounted at greater heights due to early ventures or less competition in the previous era are finding it enormously difficult to compete in today’s world. It can be seen as a game of speculation at its peak in the current scenario and the one who sticks with a stringent strategy and tries to abide by the book is succumbed to downfall. A flexible strategy being molded as per the situation and anticipating risks at all levels is the hidden mantra to be on the brighter side of the Business Saga. Today’s world and the days to come belongs to thinkers and go-getters who have a vision and supply proper resources and plans to achieve it.

It is very well said by the father of our nation “Mahatma Gandhi” that world is built of two people – One who decide and one who follow , and completion anytime is less on the first set of people. Some examples of old rookies who have adapted newer trends to survive and flourish in today’s market is Mr. Ratan Tata of the Tata Group and his inclining to the singing trend by having multiple collaborations with various sectors like the Tata-Jaguar deal and the Tata-Singapore Airlines mark. This has not only widened the reach of the organization but has set a platform for other’s to be proactive and adapt quickly to the growing business. Also, the upcoming mesmerizing showdown by a party headed by the so called common man “AAP Party” and its elegant strategy to overpower the reign of three consecutive rule by the political giant Congress in the capital of the country states the importance and use of strategic means to achieve greater heights

To conclude I would like to end on a high note saying that ,India is evolving as a super power with great minds shouldering the responsibility of building a superior business acumen powered with fantabulouus and flexible strategies to achieve the same.

This article has been authored by Vijay Shankar from Symbiosis Institute of Management Bengaluru

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