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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 20, 2014

What do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest among other social media services have in common with respect to brand promotions? Content Marketing. These platforms are used by brands for launching advertisement in forms of informative articles, info-graphics or picture ads.

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Moment marketing is the new spinoff from content marketing region which this article intends to delve into. The art of Moment Marketing can be summarized in the following equation:


The catch for any brand is to transform real time happenings into a promo campaign which sticks around for a longer time in minds of the people. This marketing technique may not necessarily shoot up the sales by significant number but it certainly builds a great equity for the brand. TV, print and radio have become ‘me too’ channels for promotion. For distinction, brands are taking their ad wars to online social hangout places. This helps them reach a larger prospective audience and, moreover, the buzz spreads at a higher pace than that of conventional media.

Let’s look at the marketing campaigns of Nokia, which despite of its falling trade had created an online frenzy by posting blunt attacks on industry leaders such as Samsung and Apple.

1. Philip W. Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, was busy introducing new range of iPhone 5C in multiple colors. No matter whether it caught the attention of buyers or not but it certainly prodded Nokia into motion and there came the below post from Nokia’s UK branch on twitter while the launch event was still going on ;)

This tweet was retweeted over 40,000 times the highest ever in terms of marketing tweets in the history of Twitter so far. Therefore, it signifies the amount of commotion created among web users by piggy-riding someone else’s promotional event.

2. This Finnish company again played wicked on twitter when it took a jibe at Google’s Android KitKat announcement. The ad depicted a Samsung phone breaking in a KitKat like fashion with caption reading ‘Have a break, have a..’. Nokia mocked the poor quality of Samsung products with a KitKat tagline.

3. Apple was again attacked when it launched iPhone 5S in gold color and this time an indirect reference was made using Breaking Bad character of Walter White. The intent was to connect with this American series fans to generate another round of buzz.

Though, the latter two antics could not repeat the success of the attack on Apple iPhone 5C, but they were still able to capture space on many content aggregation websites such as, and which have increasingly become favorites among geeks and technology oriented people.

Another good execution of Moment marketing was done by Oreo. It tweeted “You can still dunk in the dark” when the power went out in the arena during a Super Bowl match earlier last year. The tweet, which was not thought of as a marketing campaign, was able to garner over 10,000 retweets within an hour of its posting. This made the original sponsors of the event red in their face as they spent millions to create an ad around that event, and rather Oreo did the trick which they could not accomplish with a lot much money. By the end of buzz, Oreo had 8000 more followers and 15,874 retweets in all on twitter. Apart from this the number of followers on Instagram increased from 2000 before the match to 36,000 after its tweet.

The above examples justify the emergence of social media marketing and with it an entirely new concept of moment marketing. Conventional media has been contributing towards developing the POPs and PODs for products. But it is more of a one-way communication wherein a brand teaches its probable customer about the offerings in the market. With the evolution content marketing the same process moved online as well as the communication became two ways with open feedback mechanism from early adopters. The essence was to move closer to the customer in order to determine how to serve them better. This helped brands to make necessary changes at the earliest in their products as desired by their loyal market base.

Moment marketing has brought in a new dimension of staying connected to followers. It leverages events that are of relevance to its market base and by being reactive it is able to create a significant top-of-the-mind-recall. The viral nature of web has contributed towards this new form of catching eyeballs which is seemingly more effective as it generates word of mouth publicity as well. Moreover, the real time aspect of social platforms can be utilized by brand to position itself as a smart, geeky and youthful brand. Given the huge potential of moment marketing, brands should consider plunging into real time promotional campaigns as a way to further differentiate them from the lot. The horizon seems to be vast in context of social media marketing and moment marketing appears to be the new shining star in the sky.

This article has been authored by Nishant Jairath DoMS IIT Madras.


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