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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 24, 2014

It’s more about what we have seen and what we are going to see…

Whenever we start New Year, we used to look back at past.  This is not mean that we need to inspire from what we did and how we did in last year, but we should take look at the way we have achieved and how have struggled to achieve our goal in this competitive world.

There is a saying in English “Need is a mother of innovations” and this has been followed by the digital marketing in India and proved aggressively towards digitalization in entire domain also this has been  compared with the giant markets like United states, United Kingdom, etc.

Few key insights listed below:

  1. Data mining and data analytics will drive brand communications and content marketing.
  2. Rich content embedded with creativity, context and target segments will fuel the growth of communication and story-telling.
  3.  Customer engagement with brands will be measured by a single, integrated and enhanced model of ROI besides existing KPIs.
  4. With the deep penetration of mobile and smart phones, brands will engage customers with deliver message and content belligerently via Instant Messengers like WhatsApp and WeChat.
  5.  “Social care” will be at the heart and core of the organization. With the proliferation of big data and predictive analysis modeling, brands will address the customer issues and agendas in real-time environments
  6. The use of virtually all channels and media of communication will be seen.
  7.  The world will witness brand communication as the major differentiating factor that will drive the entire business and commerce.
  8.  Trend towards hybrid organizational structure/ hybrid teams in Marketing and Communication domains in particular will be witnessed.

Eco-system based on Identity:

We all are doing various transactions using internet and we love to be online in Facebook and many social media websites.  Based on these transactions various companies are taking advantages to promote their product to the right audience.  For exp: Facebook timeline ads and Amazon’s personalized recommendations, etc.

The fastest growing digital world is exploring new kind of business and consumers are revolving around the individual identity over the internet.  These kinds of compactness will leads to a major advantage of creating a competitive concept that showcasing our identity is the most human and primary of our desires.

Content curation and aggregation

We all remember the most irritating promotional emails and messages in our inboxes, but we have not subscribed for those services or we have not wishes to have those junk in our inboxes. This scenario shows that we have moved from being an information seeking group to an information overload group.

At the same time we all need information and that should be new in each and every day. This is the main reason we all see growing website numbers on daily basis. Such as Quora, Pinterest,, am many more. Pinterest is basically nothing but an organization system for images that already available on the web, but we need that system for aggregation and now it is grand success.

Video – Device Compatibility

We all are remember that we have said “I am watching a video/movie on television”, but now well all watching the same video on our phones, tablets and various devices.  Videos continue to become device compatibles.  From business point of view, videos are playing vital role in digital marketing.

Revolution in multi screening:

 We are using updated Youtube app on our smart phones which is compatible for multi screen.  We all used to search the videos while watching another video, while watching live shows we used to do tweet or update the Facebook and rarely do we check office emails while watching our live shows on internet by using most popular multi screen option.

Business point of view, it is one of the major advantages to keep busy of their customer by offering various services and try to get the conversion from them.

Picture war!

The search giant Google recently released Authorship and it is allowing authors to link their content published on various domains to their Google Plus page and have their picture appear in the search results. If you are a blogger, then you need to use this trick to popular on web as well as to attract the new reader towards your website.

Aggressive growth in Instagram and Pinterest from past years had further toughened the fact that pictures are more engaging compare to text or videos. Also increased use in info-graphics provides the strongest proof that image-based content is the most attractive content on websites.

Location based targeting:

Most of us all tagged while visiting many places on Foursquare or Facebook with friends.  This is one of major change in digital marketing that, advertiser can target the customer based on their location also Google does the extremely and effectively through AdWords. Radius targeting allows us to target the prospective customer within a certain distance from advertiser.

The major advantage is when we implement this technology with demographic and customer information. Not only we know where our customer is but we know how they are and what they like, so that we can target them efficiently and effective in this competitive market.

Most popular online marketing trends in 2014:

We already seen many of the trends are introduced in late 2013 and those trends will going use in an effective way in 2014. Predicting trends is a fun exercise however below are the key trends those we can expect to witness in the New Year.

Political campaigns in Social Media

We are seeing many posts on political in Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.  With upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party, we can easity expect the significant investment of time and marketing spends on social media and other digital media platform as well.  Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is already one of the most popular Twitter celebrities with over 3.29 Mn. followers and newly elected Delhi CM Arvind Kjriwal has 1.27 Mn. Followers.  Through these two political celebrity’s successful campaign, we can expect there is a huge investment in social media and other digital marketing platform on the way in this year.

Rising mobile web

Mobile commerce is the one key strategy in this year.  Most of the ecommerce companies are interested to build their consumer pool in mobile as well.  Due to dip in smart phone rates and internet accessibility in India, 2014 is going to be milestone in Mobile commerce in India.  The large ecommerce website like MakeMyTrip, Filpkart and Myntra are seeing ~15% to 20% of the transactions is coming through mobile already.  Also most of trusted banks are promoting their mobile apps through various digital media platforms like email, display campaigns and SMS, etc with exciting offers to use the mobile apps.

Improved User Experiences

Radical change in technology we are experiencing user friendly websites and those website are technically interacting with the user needs.  With refined taste of Indian consumers, we are seeing travel and entertainment segments are using better user friendly websites to attract the consumers.  In 2014, we are going see drastic increase in numbers of user friendly websites on web.

Social media is flattering a voice of brand and its consumers

Most of the businesses are using social media as television.  These brands are going put their thought process on social media to attract the prospecting consumers towards the product and try to engage their consumers with lot of contents, feedbacks, surveys and many other methods to get popularize on web.

We are all can notice each and every company has their own Facebook page, Twitter page, Youtube channels and other popular media to interact the consumers.

Through this way most of the businesses are relay on social media to promote their product with less cost compare to other medium. Business point of view this is change will leads to creating a new opportunity in 2014.

ROI on Online Advertising Investments

Many businesses are started investing in digital market in 2013 and they have received handsome numbers of conversion through online and recorded decent return on investments. As forecasted for 2014, we can expect stringent granular tracking of online activity to get return on investment on their online channels.


Indian market is recognized as 4th largest online audience of searches in the world after China, US and Japan. Based on ComScroe survey Indian unique searches grew by 28% in 2013 with the help of Indian rural internet user’s year on year growth by 58%. 

There are many surveys based on Indian digital marketing and its growth to invest in this year.  India is expecting to be a major country with competing with all other major countries in the world by 2015.

The article has been authored by Hemanth CRPatna from Google India Pvt Ltd.


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