Minimalistic Marketing - A Growing Trend

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 26, 2014

Image shown below with the 3 tri-color ZooZoos is a crisp and cute felicitation message I relished with my morning ginger tea on the morning of 67th Independence Day. Just three zoo zoos and three colors, awesomeness of the idea and its simplicity certainly made some neurons out there in my brain do bhangra.

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Seedhi baat no bakwaas !!

Just good substance delivered not the frills and flashes. This idea of minimalism is transcending every facet of our lives today. Art, writing, websites, emails, marketing, advertising, packaging, designs, aesthetics, social media, promotions and lifestyle – everyone is jumping onboard with this notion. Minimalism serves the need of an audience which is tired of opulence, ostentation and being overwhelmed .It lets them escape clutter and keep things simple.

Marketing as we all know is the art of conveying value to the customer and imprinting it in their minds. It survives on understanding and manipulation of the psyche of the prospective customers. Looking at the caliber of minimalism to ring bells in customers’ brains, marketers have bought in this idea big time.

Minimalistic marketing is in vogue.

It’s the art and science wherein a marketer first understands how much information the human brain can take in at once .A lot of careful designing and engineering then goes into structuring the message succinctly and lucidly so that it meets the levels thus determined and does not overburden customer’ senses.


A lot of companies have embraced this fundamental of Keep it Simple, Stupid in its new Avtar, Minimalistic Movement, in their marketing strategies.

Apple leveraged minimalist design and was successful in leaving very firm impressions on the consumers. Google’s Adwords system wherein it sells advertisements consisting of 10-15 words to be displayed on the margins of pages also compelled companies to keep their advertisements to the point. The viewer who comes across the advertisement can easily make out his liking for the product with the short laser sharp message and performance of the campaign. Adwords is a hit.

All the above advertisements show how companies are molding their advertisements with minimalistic approach.

Following print advertisements also illustrate the strength of the idea:

Have a look at the following minimalistic website: 



A common thread of simplicity runs through all the above platforms.

There’s, however, a lot more than what meets the eye in context of increased prominence of the minimalistic marketing phenomenon.

The biggest reason of it being a hit is that it offers a respite from the overdose of information. Second, it’s a new way for marketers to reach the customers who have learnt to ignore those flashy ideas altogether and to convey the ideas quickly to this generation with short attention spans.

Our civilization went to the extreme of consumerism and now the Kabir Das’s mantra of “Rukhi Sukhi Kabeera, thanda paani pi “is catching our imagination. But, whether this notion is choice or compulsion, that’s a different issue altogether. Recession and high debts have forced people to adopt minimalism as a way of life.

Also being eco-friendly and minimalist are in at the moment and a load of ad agency and marketing departments are cashing on that. It’s just like targeting a slice of market which is convinced with this idea. Everything boils down to resonating well with the customer.

Also it’s as simple as the law that “change is the only constant”. Long back everything was simple. We started liking colors. Now colors and flashes have been here for a long time and now we need something different and simple again.

But whatever be the reason, the idea is awesome. It helps to make everything be it website, brand, email or print advertisement look clean, simple, unobtrusive, eye pleasing and easy to retain. Choice, compulsion or chance, with so many smaller companies also taking it up, the idea is here to stay for quite some time. It defines the way we do business, the future of Social Media, and the face of marketing as we see it today and where it’s headed.


This article has been authored by Divya Midha from K J Somaiya Institute Of Management Studies and Research




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