FIFA World Cup 2014-Stats and Facts

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on May 28, 2014

The biggest sporting extravaganza is all set to explode in front of the world at the FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil. With billions of dollars being invested, millions of fans travelling, thousands of volunteers deployed; this is perhaps one of the most incredible sporting events which the world would witness. Here are a few stats which highlight how enormous an event the FIFA World Cup 2014 is going to be!!



20th edition of World Cup

32 Teams in Finals

64- Total Number of matches to be played

12 Cities

203 Teams participated in qualifiers



$576 million - Total Prize Money

$35 million - Winners Prize

$25 million - Runner Up


736 - Total Players

73,531- Capacity of Estadio do Maracana stadium, Rio de Janerio

3.6 million - approx number of players travelling by aeroplanes in Brazil during the tournament

4300- KM of roads have been worked upon


$730 million - to be spent by FIFA partners who are sponsors

1.7 million - Number of people who voted for "Fuleco" as the mascot


Fuleco-Official Mascot


1 million - Number of people who selected the official ball name as Adidas Brazuca


Adidas Brazuca


$14 billion - Total cost of hosting the event in Brazil

3,334,524 - Tickets for the tournament


Logo of Fifa World Cup 2014 is entitled "Inspiration"


All the eyes would be glued towards hosts Brazil, and 22 players on the pitch would be fighting with their lives for honour, glory and the ultimate prize - The FIFA World Cup!

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