Our Life is a World of Brands

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 19, 2014

Humans have evolved over centuries. There have been inventions and discoveries, and civilizations and kingdoms, and life has constantly progressed for the human race. The 21st century showcases a picture of a modern man with the latest in technology adding luxury and comfort to life, with basic amenities available easily and the world connected through novel technologies. With hundreds of companies, thousands of stores and millions of products available for people, our lives are constantly influenced by “brands”. And here is a snapshot how brands define our lives..

With the Sun rising at dawn, the “Casio” alarm clock rings the alarm, which wakes us up. Rubbing our sleepy eyes we go to our washroom, takeout the “Oral B” toothbrush, apply some “Colgate” toothpaste to it and clean & sparkle our teeth. We then open our “Jaquar” tap with hot water flowing from our “Orpat” Water Geyser and freshen-up using the “Cinthol” soap and rinse our hair with “Pantene” for shiny smooth flowing hair.

Once we dry ourselves, its time to quickly wear a solid deep-blue “Armani” shirt along with a crisply ironed black “Allen Solley” trouser. After that, we apply a little “Bryl Cream” for our hair and comb a stylish hairstyle. After applying some “Axe” deodorant, buckling the “Lacoste” belt, putting on “Hush Puppies” shoes, which have been glistened with “Cherry Blossom”, cleaning the “Cartier” spectacles, we get ready for a new bright day ahead.

Before heading for a long day ahead, we quickly have some “Kellogg’s Wheatflakes” filled with cold “Nestle Everyday” milk from the “Videocon” refrigerator, have some crisp toasts with “Amul” butter and “Britannia” cheese spread. After finishing a good healthy meal in the morning, we wash our hands with the “Dettol” liquid handwash. We then quickly pick our “Apple iPhone”, and keep our “Hugo Boss” wallet, pick our car keys and swiftly head towards the garage to take our car to office.

We use the electronic car keys to open the door of the shiny silver “Honda Civic” and turn on the “Kenwood” car music system. After connecting the “Transcend” pendrive to the music system, we drive down to our office, with our favorite songs playing in the background. With a quick drive through the city streets, we reach our “DLF” complex office and take the “Otis” lift to the top floor.

Once reaching our desk, we first open our “Acer” laptop and “Microsoft Windows” load before we can proceed to do our work. Meanwhile, we use our phone and our “Vodafone” network to make a few important business calls to our business associates and partners. Throughout the day, we use “Microsoft Powerpoint”, “Microsoft Document” and “Microsoft Excel” to finish our work. For important data, we access “Chrome” and search on “Google” which helps us resolve our queries. Important communications are made on our “Yahoo” mail account, which facilitates our business communication.

After finishing a long day at work, we get out of office and grab a quick bite either at “McDonalds” or “Subway”. While having our sandwich and a sip of “Pepsi”, suddenly we realize that our phone has buzzed and that we have received a message from our friends on “Whatsapp”. We quickly get into our car, get the petrol filled at the “Shell” petrol-pump and head straight home for a quick change. After changing into a comfortable “Zodiac” shirt, “Levi’s” jeans and “Adidas” shoes, we head straight to the best hang-out place in town. Reaching the restaurant one of my friends tags us on “Facebook”

Before ordering the main-course, all friends decide to guzzle a few “Carlsberg” beers, and open up their hearts to discuss their lives. After dinner, a sudden gaze at the “Rado” watch shows that it’s late and time to leave. Once the payment is done by the “Visa” credit card from “HSBC” bank, it’s time to head back home.

On reaching home, it’s time to change into a comfortable “Nike” t-shirt and “Puma” shorts. Once in bed, we turn on the “Sony Bravia” TV and “Tata Sky” set top box, to watch the highlights of the “Manchester United” football match on “ESPN”. Finally, when we decide to retire, we close the TV, turn on the “Carrier” AC to a cozy 24C, switch-off the “Crab-Tree” switches for the “Phillips” light, and close our eyes to enter into the world of dreams!

A simple day. A simple life. But a life which is actually a world of BRANDS!

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