Entering a New Market: Castrol & FIFA World Cup 2014

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 30, 2014

Over the last decade consumers are increasingly becoming distanced from their engines. Castrol realized they needed to change this mindset if they wanted to thrive over the forthcoming years. To create this shift in mindset they needed two things. A powerful global strategy which would change the way people think about Castrol, and secondly a platform wherein they could achieve maximum visibility and brand awareness and Castrol found just the friend they required: The ubiquitous FIFA World Cup 2014.

Castrol’s expertise lies in making lubricants. Using their lubricants improves the performance of cars. Herein lay the opportunity to link it with the performance of football players. Castrol had already entered the soccer industry few years ago and now wanted to cash in their rewards. Their efforts made them the most successful FIFA sponsor this year and teach us how a new player can enter into a well-established mature market.


How did they do it??

Castrol concocted an activation strategy in 2014 which had two facets to it:


1. Pre-tournament activation


The Castrol Index is used to monitor on-field performance and comprehensively evaluates every move of every player on the pitch.

From a business perspective, this was an innovative and brilliant way to showcase how they measure performance while breaking into a new market.


Castrol achieved long term association with the Castrol Index. FIFA 2014 World Cup is the first to use this index and with its growing popularity it propounds itself as the tool that is here for good.


Image from the official Castrol Football Page


2. In-tournament activation


a) Video : Neymar v/s Ken Block

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdBXpORSGu0


Neymar,the football star and Ken Block, a reputed name in motor sport were brought together to create some magic.They went head to head in a unique way and achieved the desired objectives for Castrol.


The video became the most successful social video for Castrol to and the most successful in FIFA World Cup history for any sponsor…ever!


b) The Castrol Correspondent


Castrol’s goal was to give something really special to their fans. Something so special that you would be naturally attracted to the proposition offered. They came up with the ‘Castrol Correspondent’ .This allowed a fan to go to Brazil and travel with the US team along with special privileges like access to the locker room and press conferences. They ensured that the complete experience would be shared by the fan via social media which would further enable the experience to be shared with millions across the globe.


Castrol’s association with this World Cup has truly been received with wild success. They ousted brands like Visa, Adidas and Hyundai and demonstrates how a 360 degree go-to market strategy along with innovation and leadership can facilitate a new guy to compete in a mature and well established industry.


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