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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 04, 2014

Companies put in a lot of effort and money in obtaining customers. Millions of dollars are spent over advertising, branding, promotion etc. New product development, innovations, better segmentation, repositioning are all done to obtain new customers who can use products and services which can benefit the customers in some way but can also help generate more revenues and profits for the company. But once a customer is obtained, it is very much necessary to keep the customer involves with the brand in some way or the other especially in online media brands. And that aspect of retaining the customers by giving them additional services can be done by user engagement.

User engagement is primarily engaging the customers in certain activities which helps the customer build a strong relationship with the company, have a strong brand recall and also experience the brand differently. There are many ways in which companies can keep their users engaged.

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1. Blogs and Websites

Companies can have their own blogs and websites where they can openly share the latest news about the brand, any new innovations or any other interesting fact which can keep the user glued to the brand. For eg a car brand can update its users with updates on car maintainence, best tips for driving, best places to drive etc. This will not only benefit the customer about product knowledge but engagement will also prosper opportunities of a positive word of mouth.


2. Contests

Brands should keep contests among customers a high priority user engagement activity. Customers who purchase a specific product do so that they can best understand its features and make the most of it. Hence contest not only brings in a sense of competitiveness and willingness to learn, but also gives a chance to meet people with similar interests. For eg. a camera brand can organise photography contests, car brands can organise rallies or races etc and can give away freebies or accessories for good user engagement.


3. Quizzes, Games and Trivia

Another interesting way of keeping the user busy with a brand is to offer interesting activities like quizzes and trivia about the brand. Online platforms, print media, TV media, OOH media etc are all excellent media to connect with not only existing users but also prospective customers.


4. Events and Workshops

Company organised events and workshops can help build a strong relationship with a customer as it gives an opportunity to directly interact with the customer, give them suggestions, give simple tips and tricks etc. for eg event at malls, shopping complexes can be organised to reach out to existing customers, their feedback can be taken and can be given goodies for stronger brand building.


5. Fun Facts and Tips

Brands should spread more awareness about the products and services which people are availing. Companies should make an effort to constantly give simple tips to use products better and more efficiently. The reason being that most customers are illiterate about all product features. The more the products' features are highlighted, the impressive the product appears.


6. Forum and Groups

Brands also offer a platform for like-minded people to come together who are using their products and services. for eg Harley Davidson has created group of bikers who once in a year gather with their bikes and drive around. This gives them not only a sense of uniqueness but also opens a platform for like-minded people to meet and spend quality time.


Marketing involves product development, good advertising, colorful brand displays etc. But all this only possible if the psychology of customers are thoroughly examined and understood constantly over a period of time. And this can be achieved by giving the customers more additional services and activities, which would keep them engaged all the time and hence increase brand recall.


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