Demand Generation Strategy – Stepping Stone for Lead Generation

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 27, 2014

In a B2B Marketing world, Demand and Lead Generation are the most regular Buzz and sounds very enlightening and revolutionary.

Today when B2B marketing is rapidly changing as connected B2B customers transform how companies do business every year, companies need to be abreast of all the new marketing and sales techniques to keep their sales growing. Many studies and research papers have been written on how demand generation industry is working for B2C and B2B but the B2B industry faces many challenges due to continuous changes in the marketing techniques.

B2B Demand generation is the main function of a marketing department of a company that creates demand for your product or service and this generated demand in the form of leads is provided to the sales team for closing deals with the leads generated. Although this is much more than only lead generation, as it also includes creating awareness by conversations through mails and activities like tele-prospecting that occur prior to the lead being passed to the sales team for further nurturing and ultimately converting them to clients.

The techniques involved in Demand Generation are the actual mix of programs, typically characterized as

Low - Touch

Search Engines, Content Syndication, Traditional Direct Marketing etc.

Medium - Touch

Webinars, Traditional Trade Shows etc.

High - Touch

Telemarketing, Email Campaigning, Mailers, Summits etc.


Demand generation includes:

  • To Qualify and prioritize prospects.
  • Nurture the qualified leads that want to engage with sales by appointment settings and account profiling.
  • Align the marketing department with sales in parallel to avoid the sales time wastage in initial marketing activities.
  • Measure and optimize the results over time by business intelligence.

There are several types of Demand Generation methods which depends on the company but the process followed everywhere is same.

Demand Generation model

Demand generation is more than $1 Billion Industry.  Demand generation is wrongly perceived as a sales call. It has become more of a science now. It requires a systematic approach i.e. from finding the name of the client to the provision of the services and analyzing their effectiveness on the client’s revenue, every aspect is included in the whole demand generation cycle. Most of the companies have an in house team to execute these services. Companies acts as an extended sales force to their clients and helps them earn a good ROI by engaging their clients in these services.

Demand generation is more of a marketing centric activity which provides a platform to get the target audience for further nurturing.  But marketing is also responsible for lead generation which attracts prospects converting them in to warm leads and which finally passes over to sales department for conversion to clients.

Today the scenario has changed and so as the level of awareness among the customers. They know how to fish for the relevant information; they are more interested in approaching neutral and unbiased views to make decisions. Therefore it is a necessity for the companies to devote sufficient budget and time for making robust strategies for Demand Generation Activities which will ultimately help in building the market space in the Industry.

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