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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on November 02, 2014

The Use of Big Data in the present world is huge. There are ongoing debates on the future of Big Data. While it was considered most efficient tool in many spheres yet failures like in the case of the Google Flu trends have raised concerns. We believe that Big Data is without doubt the future of many technologies like healthcare, traffic patterns, Crime detection, Agricultural Yield and Ecological Balances.

Let us look at the future which Big Data promises.

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Big Data in Crime Detection:

Many of us has watched the movie “Minority Report” released on the year 2002.While the movie shows how crimes are predicted well before advance through use of technological advancement and data being feed , the future of Crime Detection might not be too different. Los Angeles and Santa Cruz Police Departments have been predicting felonies to be committed through a mathematical model on predictive software.

The idea of the same occurred while LAPD was predicting earthquakes. Assistant Professor, John Mohr was able to device a mathematical model wherein the patterns of aftershocks can be predicted. It’s a known fact that Earthquake Aftershocks appear in a region which have already experienced an earthquake. It appears that Crime data also follow similar pattern. Thus this mathematical model is fed with 13 million of crime data. As a means to prove the efficiency of the model historical crimes are studied. It is found that the model accurately predicts future crime pattern, location and type once a crime is committed.

This project though in its early stage has shown interesting results. LAPD has used a pilot study through this model to find how crime hot spots occur.

Palantir is a software which is in use today. Heuristic Analytics is in vogue .From descriptive analysis trends that point to repeatable behaviors and actions are singled out. Real time analytics uses real time live streaming data to gain insights.

It is used in Military also (Mostly in Counter terrorism) where the real time data of the miscreant and his activities and behavior are found out.

Big data apart from this predictive model has also helped in combating Insurance Fraud. Analytic is used to find dubious data in large folder content.

In the future we will find Big Data extensively being used to unearth crimes and avoid crime hot spots. It would be highly decisive in future warfare and counter terrorist activities. The use in developing countries needs to be seen.



Big Data in Health Care

DNA sequencing is going to be an everyday issue in the new years to come. Genome Centers have started giving customized treatment to patients according to their genetics.

The future to unmask potential traits and diseases is finding the correct sequencing of human genome and abstracting the big data. The purview of the research includes powerful but conventional servers, specialized hardware and cloud computing. Cloud computing looks like a viable option as the data storage volume is huge.

Use of Big data in Cognitive Systems- for human machine interaction looks like a probable inference for disables

In the future it can be assumed that entire Human Genome of an individual can be found out and the information from the same can be used to fine proneness to diseases and health status

In the future a number of analytic software would be used to find the human genome and Big Data can play a major role in deciphering quintessential information. The preventive measures would be taken by patients well before hand. Hereditary diseases can be avoided


Big Data in Traffic Jams

The need of the hour is the smart traffic management system. A number of sensors might be present between vehicles and stop lights & sign boards. Intelligent communication system is a much contemplated issue discussed by German Big data Analytic.

Road Safety and Optimum Traffic Jam are the characters which Big Data in traffic guarantees.

Big data in future can create Smart Traffic management systems which will make traffic jams a thing of the past. Street Mishaps and Accidents would also be avoided.


Big Data in Agriculture

John Deere the US agricultural, equipment manufacturing company has led the way in heralding the big data advent in agriculture.

Big data is used by farmers to figure out the choices of crop, when and where to plough, and where will the best return comes from. Sensors in Tractors, Historical data of soil conditions, weather prediction and crop features.

Big Data is promising a future in Agriculture wherein lands would be highly productive and farmers well profited. Big data strives for a self sufficient mode.


Big Data in Marketing

Big data is going to shape the products in the new age market. With the customer insight gathered and consumer behaviour studied it is much easier for marketers to come up with customised products. The company who are succeeding are not the ones having the most data but the ones who are using the data the most.

In the future product development would be hugely backed by Big Data results and it would be surprising if this becomes an important competitive strategy for companies.


Big data in Retail

In the near future, for the conventional Brick and Mortar shops big data can be a reviving force through video surveillance and conversational analysis

Big data is all poised to be detrimental factor in Airport, Rail, Energy and Social Services through its services.

In a nutshell we are moving to a concept of SMART CITY and Big data with its other technologies like Cloud Computing, Multi Sensors and Intelligent are going to herald the Smart City Concept.


This article has been authored by Saptarshi Sashi from IMT Ghaziabad


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