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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 09, 2015

You've reached home, you're tired, soon you grab a pack of orange juice, and you get a call from your friend saying, “Hey, meet me tonight at Bergen to see northern lights”. And you reply, "Yeah sure, why not?” You have your dinner around midnight and after finishing it, you open your laptop and click on “Second world”.

Welcome to Second world

Today the world has become digital. When we use online satellite images we actually assume ourselves being there at that particular place. Similarly, Second world is a computerised simulation of this real world. It is an application which has same roads, buildings, nature, countries etc. which resembles like a real world scenario. But here, the user can actually walk, drive, talk and do all other human activities. One can call it a gaming app, travelling app, social networking app or simply Second life.

Second world is 3D simulation of this world. Here users can create their own avatar, walk on street, drive cars, talk to other people (user) on street, date, fight, play games, steal, help, dance, cry, go for shopping, see the beauty of the nature and what not. This world enables the user to do anything, which he can’t do in his real life. And the plus point is that it maintains privacy and interests of the users. Example, the user can call the police, approach big authorities, solve his own problems, prosecute a person, it also has an option to block people you don't wish to see.

This Second world altogether has a power to shape real world . The more crowd it attracts, the more it becomes powerful. Because now, instead of shopping online on normal websites, people prefer to go in Second World malls and shops, where storekeepers will actually demonstrate the items and the user can try on the clothes of his own choice on his own avatar online. Once the items are purchased, company can easily deliver it to the user’s real world address.

Not just that, even the politicians can give beautiful speeches on their selected locations and for this they don’t need to travel anywhere. They can also display their banners on Second World streets. Companies don’t need to buy big stores, instead they can buy virtual stores or land in Second World on the location they want. Moreover, we can say that students can attend colleges in Second World as well, better known as "e-learning". It is even more beneficial to those who pursue for Distance Education Programmes. For this, colleges simply need equip themselves with the advanced technology of video conferencing for lectures. And this video conferencing will be shown on Second World. No need to go to office for work when you have got the Second World advantage.


Second life places everything at its own place according to their location such as schools, colleges, buildings and institutions. Authorities can purchase moreover educational institutes and other non profit making organisation get their land and premises free of cost. Second world costs a particular mall to build the same mall at its location, and if an authority is not interested, other user or company can buy the same commercial property.

Second World creates a huge employment opportunities like sweeping the public roads, building premises, selling items on store, starting own store, solving problems of people, finding a suitable partner, dating, falling in love, getting married, raising voice against social issues, winning elections and becoming a hero.


"Second world is just beyond our imagination. It is just too real to believe."


This article has been authored by Kishor Kandhare from Dr. D. Y. Patil School of Business Management

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