Microsoft's Windows 10 & its Strategy

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 14, 2015

Windows 10 has flooded the market with about 14 million installations in the first 24hrs, but will this continues to happen. The expectations were high with the launch of Windows 8 as it provided touch interface, though it succeeded in grabbing attention of people using windows 8 in their tablet and mobiles but failed to impress people with its computer interface.

Using Windows 8 with mouse and keyboard made less sense to people and they hesitated in using it, people were happier and satisfied in using Windows 7 as Windows 8 made things tough for them. Windows has now come up with Windows 10 to overcome the mistakes of Windows 8, as it had previously done with Windows 7 to overcome the blunders of Windows Vista and Windows XP to overcome shortcomings of Windows MS. This is a cycle for Windows which they keep on following, experimenting on new OS and then bringing up solutions for the prior OS version. This time it’s the turn of Windows 10 to save people from the apocalypse which Windows 8 had created. Let’s see what Windows 10 has for the people and will it succeed in the task it is assigned.

Past versions-

Released in 1985 was the first OS model made by Windows which came to be known as Windows 1.0, succeeding Windows 2.0 ,Windows 2.1x were released with small modifications. Later in 1990 Windows released its 3.0 and in 1992 3.1x version with better virtual graphics and drivers. Following the success of Windows 3.0, Windows released Windows 95 which was still MS-DOS based but improved features as multitasking, long file names. The famous START menu first appeared in Windows 95, and then various versions of Windows 98 were launched with small modifications.

Then came the Windows NT with multi-tasking which was followed by most famous Windows XP which came with various versions in and around 2001, it had many features like TV tuner cards, DVD player which made PC’s fit for use at home, before which computers were meant for office use only.

After launching a trail of OS versions Windows released the presently used OS’s Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and finally it has arrived to the latest WINDOWS10.

What’s new -

Bringing back the famous START menu in Windows 10 was biggest concern for Windows, along with this the hot corners have been removed which were pretty annoying for most of the people, getting rid with this will relive many people around the globe, adding new features Windows has introduced CORTANA which is more of extension to the start menu which gives weather, news information. With this Windows has provided redemption from internet explorer and provided with edge along with explorer which is a plus point to this OS version.

What Microsoft expects and strategizes- But why is giving its latest tool for free?

Now let’s come to the main point what is there for Windows in providing Windows 10 to the people and that to for free. Windows having a share of about 85% in the market and still coming up with free versions of its latest OS seems a little odd to most of the people.

Why would a market leader who doesn’t have a competitor provide its latest technology for free? This is the biggest question here.

Microsoft, by offering windows 10 for free has tried to curb piracy. People with non -validated version of windows can also upgrade for free. This would make sure that Microsoft has correct data and stats on how many people are using Windows 10. This way the information is organized. This would also mean that for future upgrades and services, Windows can charge money for optional services it offers if required, thereby increasing revenue and structure. Also Windows 10 brings in lot many Microsoft backed softwares and tools which would also mean more consolidation in market.

Also with Windows 10 mobile in pipeline, all this can mean more adoption by Microsoft. This would mean a complete consolidation across platforms and devices like Apple (Macs & iPhones).

This article has been authored by Shikhar Gautam from IIM Kashipur


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