Indian Armed Forces-Operational Excellence

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 06, 2010


The largest democracy in the world. The 7th largest in the world in terms of area surrounded the mighty terrain of the 2500 km Himalayan range in the north, surrounded by the massive 7500 km Indian Ocean coastline in the south and a difficult terrain of deserts, rocky hills, plateaus, and rainforests. But despite all this, every Indian lives and enjoys life peacefully. And this only because of the strength, commitment and effort of the Indian defence forces, who are undisputed experts in managing their operations and prioritizing their activities.


Indian Army

Indian defence forces, i.e. Army, Navy and Airforce, which is the 2nd largest in the world with 3.8 million troops, are the prime example of handling their operations and resources. Having a distribution network across a continent like land, with diverse landform features, adverse climatic conditions and dynamic cultures, and still managing operations effectively is commendable and should be a source for management schools and organizations to learn using their resources optimally.


Food supplies and fuel have to reach the various army base camps, across the length and breadth of this enormous country, without any delay or quality compromise. Food and water has to be provided whether battling the freezing temperatures of -40˚C in the snow-capped peaks or the scorching heat of 50˚C in the desert or the areas which receive unrelenting heavy rainfall. And achieving all this every single day without fail is nothing less than a miracle. The defence forces always has its priorities put in place, and they perform a just in time operations with effective time management for every activity. Zonal distribution of authority and responsibility further eases the operations and makes the processes simpler.


Apart from food supplies, the defence forces have to manage medical facilities for soldiers and armed personnel. They have proper storage facilities and warehouses, and are always prepared for any calamity or natural disaster. For all resources useful to the army personnel, efficient operations facilitate conditions such that there is no delay, constant regular supply and storage for emergencies.


Apart from the unstable terrain along the border of India, the food supplies, medicines, equipment, ammunition etc have to reach the remotest villages which have troubled neighborhood due to naxal infestation. The defence force manages to successfully handle these places, which don’t have electricity, food, water etc, only because of their systematic preparation and operational expertise. The armed forces also have infrastructures like mobile hospitals, temporary bridges, makeshift housing equipment etc to survive the most adverse conditions.


Armed personnel are all put through rigorous training regimes for personality development through a right attitude and the ability to take responsibility and pride in serving the nation. They spend their lives serving the country, waking all night to fight so that every citizen can have a peaceful sleep. And this is all possible because of the operational excellence which the armed forces possess.


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