Smart Cities from an IT Perspective

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on October 09, 2015

Under make in India project information technology will be used to make India smarter that will be done by introducing the concept of smart city. This concept will be introduced in few selected cities in India. Smart city is a digitized city where everything will be interconnected with the help of information technology and communication.

What is a Smart City?

Concept of smart city dates back 2008 when IBM started working on it as a part of smarter initiative. Smart cities are the one which are technology driven and where technology will be used to manage resource in a smart way which will reduce the wastage and increase the productive use. Everything starting from water management, waste management, regulation of electricity supply and many others will be controlled with the help of technology. In short a smart city is digitized city where digital technology will be used to connect people in the city with various important purposes.


Smart cities will provide best and intelligent way to manage urbanization, as a result of which population of India is expected to get double by 2050; which mean we will be adding seven big cities like Delhi on yearly basis to our planet. To manage such a huge population we need smart city project to be implemented soon.

Smartness of a smart city lies between the intersections of following key words

• Sustainability

• Capital

• Competitiveness

A smart city will have the capacity to manage the traffic efficiently by using the real time information; this information will help the traffic police to cater the situation needed to be addressed immediately.

Since the whole city will be digitized or connected with help of technology people will be able to capture the image of garbage or stagnate water which may spread infectious diseases to the government handling the issues of that city so that it can be resolved soon.

There will be sensors available at different locations so that wastage of water can be controlled. This will also help to manage electricity supply depending on the need.

The collection of such information will be done with the help of ICT (information communication technology).

What issues need to be addressed?

As per as the current situation of the India, its population will be touching 843 million by 2050. To manage such a big influx we need 500 more cities. According to research analysts urban population makes 31 percent part of total population and 60 percent of GDP; according to latest report in coming fifteen years urban population will contribute to over 75 percent of GDP (National). With the increase in population there will huge need of water management, sanitation, electricity management. Smart city will give a quality life and will help in reduction of expenses.

Concept of a smart city 

Smart city will take the help of digital technology while catering the needs of increasing population. It will have following features:

Smart city project will allure the foreign investments and help to give a different value to these cities.

Green transportation is a very important part of this project. It is also called sustainable transportation which means “a transportation which is does not lead to any sort of problem or issue and ensure longevity of the society”. There are various problems associated with current transportation system; it causes damage to environment, usage of land in bad manner, various damages to economics of our nation, inefficient usage of resources and issues related to health.

Reduction in carbon footprints will be the main aim of this project which will be accompanied by different other issues such as reduction in pollution (water, noise and air), better usage of land and many more. It will encourage the utilization of renewable resources.

As mentioned earlier there will be connectivity within the city which means connecting people with city administration so that problems can be handled instantaneously.

There will be decision makers who will take the decisions for the betterment of the city and our nation which will make a smart government.

ICT will help to map water resource to the region that will need it most, this will help to allocate resource effectively.

Regulation of traffic: a transportation system plays a major role in an economy and business. A bad transportation system makes an addition to the exiting carbon as well as leads to the wastage of time. Smart city project will promote the use of intelligent transportations system and eradicates the issues related to personal vehicles, reduce pollution, improve accessibility and safety.

ICT (information and communication technology) will help in better connectivity in a smart city. An example of smart city using ICT is Amanora situated in Pune; it has envisaged converting itself into a complete digital city. The pace with which urbanization is taking place shows that there is need of continuous development to maintain uniformity in development. Indeed, Smart city will help making Indian economy smarter by addressing the issues which are deteriorating it. It will save non renewable resource by making use of renewable resource such as wind energy which will provide secure future.

India is a growing economy and aspects which will lead to its transformation are required to be focused. These aspects are ecological, social and economy. These smart cities will give a better life, access to various facilities such as education, healthy and safe life. It will come up with different options of entertainment and better schools.

Tourism, which is considered as largest economy in the world will flourish only when we will make our India a better place to live. Cleanliness, facilities and easy access to services are good enough to woo the foreigners. We should create a place which will force them to come again and make them sense a different incredible India. Spurt in tourism will help our economy to grow smarter and faster.


Smart city definitely is an IT initiative where India will experience the magic of digitization. It will enhance the functioning through connectivity and make us experience the faster response to our queries. It will change the quality of life in India and certainly it’s Information Technology which will help us to grow towards success.

This article has been authored by Shruti Sachan from SIMS Pune




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