Hospital Management-Operational Viewpoint

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 28, 2010

Technology has reduced human efforts over a period of time. Technological advances have improved in leaps and bounces over the years. Every need of the human being is now being fulfilled with the click of a switch. From information technology to internet to security and to medical advancements, all these have made things easier for people. But despite all these technological marvels, there is one thing which would always standout and give maximum satisfaction- Human touch. And this is where hospital services are the best possible as far as management of resources and attitude of the employees are concerned.



Hospitals in real time provide services which are unmatched. Doctors, hospital staff, nurses are always busy running around helping patients. From collection of patient data to payment of bills, from various diagnostic processes to recommendations to X-rays, MRIs from blood samples to ECG reports, all form a part of the patient or customer facing side of management. All the departments i.e. pediatric, cardiology, maternity wards, etc have to handle their resources and patients properly. Infact the most underrated but most significant role in hospital management is fulfilled by staff that is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the hospital premises.


A hospital can be analyzed from a management perspective by understanding the hierarchy prevalent in the hospital. Doctors form the backbone of the management by virtue of their education which is similar to business organizations. Nurses and attendants form the service level in the hospital management similar to the executive departments in the corporates. Thus hospital management is in sync with any major corporate, and like any business the customer facing aspect is the main criteria.


Operations in the hospitals are effectively performed with optimal usage and minimum wastage of resources. Logistics form a pivotal part in hospital services. Ambulance services are emergency services which are a life saving medium especially with state of the art medical facilities now becoming a part of the mobile van service. Logistics are efficiently managed as far as bringing resources to the hospitals and also disposing the wastes are concerned. Needles, x-ray plates, medicines, stationery etc are some examples which are required every single day without fail, form a part of the daily expenditure. Fixed cost in hospitals includes infrastructure, CT scan machines, Xray machines, computer systems etc. Apart from these, technical servicing of medical equipment, lifts, lights, air conditioner etc also have to be done on a priority basis in hospitals.


Apart from daily events, hospitals also are prepared for unforeseen events like terrorist attacks, natural disasters, catastrophes, which not only causes havoc and chaos, but also disrupts the daily operations severely.


Services in hospitals also cover having hygienic environment and quality food not only to doctors and patients, but also to visitors who accompany them. One of the most important factor which leads to the smooth and effective functioning of hospital services is the selfless and helpful attitude of the staff, who are willing to contribute day and night with their work.


On the contrary, if the above mentioned aspects of services are neglected, not only would it affect the reputation of the hospital but would degrade the credibility beyond repair.


Hospital is a place where no matter how rich or poor a person is, no matter what education or occupation one does, no matter whether a person lives in a slum or a mansion, above all, life of a human being is given priority. And thus managing a prestigious institution like a hospital, where doctors and staff sacrifice their time and devote their skills for the well-being of unknown patients, cannot be described in words.


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