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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on August 01, 2017

Not so long ago, people used to focus on buying the best TVs, cable connection, video games etc. These were probably the most elegant and efficient forms of entertainment available to customers at urban households. TV shows like movies, serials, sitcoms were popular along with live sports, music etc. But in the new tech age of smartphones, the word of entertainment has changed completely. The consumer now has the power of entertainment in their own hands ie in their smartphones. Where ever they go, what ever they do, customers can easily access their favorite movies or best shows or live sports at will. This is a revolution no one could have imagined even a few years ago.

Media and entertainment companies are at a new disruptive juncture which can propel their business if they channelise their efforts in attaining customers with smartphones. Smartphones enable customers to have the power and efficiency of a TV, laptop, radio etc all combined in a single handheld unit, which they can carry all the time.

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Earlier, TV shows view-ability were restricted only when a consumer was at his or her home. People used to plan for watching their favorite movies which were being telecast on TV on a particular date or time. Similarly, TV shows had fixed timings based on which customers used to tune in daily at a particular time. As far as live sports were concerned, sports enthusiasts flocked in numbers to tune in to their favorite sports match on their TV. Gamers collected DVDs of the best games available in the market to fulfil their gaming addiction. But that is not the scenario anymore.

With smartphones offering the best technology like high RAM, good memory, high speed processors, wide digital screens etc, the power of entertainment has come in the consumers palm through apps. People watch their favorite movies or shows at their own leisure time and are not bound by the timing on the TV telecast. Live sports matches can be seen on apps anywhere. People travelling in cars or taking journeys in trains can catch the best sports action available without missing anything with shows the improvement in technology. So much so is the advancement, a few airlines also provide live feed streams of matches and other entertainment events. All this has been possible by two things- the revolution in high end technology ie smartphones and presence of high speed internet offering by telecom companies. And with both striving to make the most of the customer demand, the opportunity is massive for companies.

Advertisers have started using entertainment apps to promote their products and services based on the target audience. For eg brands like Nike, Adidas, Gatorade advertise of sports apps. Here not only do they find a relevant target audience but they are able to stay connected with the customer all the time. This is a huge opportunity for companies and targeted communication can boost conversion from lead generations.

Such is the impact of smartphones that over the years their has been plateau in the sales of other entertainment devices like video games, TVs, radio sets, music systems etc. And with the innovation in smartphone devices, more and more customers would prefer entertainment on the go. Another reason for increase in entertainment through apps is because affordability of smartphones is much more easier for a customer as compared to a TV, video game, music system, cable connection combined together. Even low end smartphone give almost all features of entertainment and movies, live sports etc can all be viewed conveniently.

People have always been keen on de-stressing by watching movies or following their favourite serials or watching live sports. This is human nature and would always be a mode of relaxation. The only big change that has happened is that the medium of entertainment has been changing over the years. And this is where lies a huge billion dollar opportunity for media companies in entertaining the world through smartphone apps.

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