Wikileaks Operations: Intelligence Network

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 04, 2011

In 2010 a website took the world by surprise and also shocked many. Every person in the world was in awe of the kind of information being shared on the website, and every government was shivering with the possibility of critical and confidential information being leaked out. This portal which became a platform of controversy is known is better known as Wikileaks. In 2006, a non profitable global organization called wikileaks founded its website by the same name.



Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, started this portal containing a database reservoir of 1.2 million documents, which were accumulated gradually over a period of time. The documents and data consisted of secret and confidential information which was gathered from news reports and new leaks. Journalists, mathematicians, activists etc were the basic sources for providing the content for Wikileaks website. Wikileaks performed its operations on a large scale i.e. it collected information from various strategic places from many countries like US, Europe Australia, Taiwan, South Africa etc. With its honest approach of revealing every possible document of Governments across the world, Wikileaks generated tremendous buzz.Initially it was supposed to be user generated website like Wikipedia but then it moved a more restricted format which was controlled by a limited number of people.


The basic objective of Wikileaks can be understood from its tagline 'We Open Governments'. The website was created as a bank for all documents which consisted of actions which governments of various nations had undertaken, which could be available to the people and be beneficial for the citizens. But controversial documents regarding the Iraq war victims, atrocities by American soldiers and Afghanistan war diary created a stir in the governments across the world. It showed the true color of government activities which hid the facts and only glorified their own success.


Wikileaks operations were termed as sensitive by many governments and thus wanted to ban it. The US government thought of Wikileaks to be a threat to national security by giving out confidential information openly. Apart from US, other governments like Germany, Taiwan, China, Australia etc also criticized Wikileaks. Infact the facebook page with 30,000 fans was also banned, but later when it was restored it had a huge fan following of over 1.5 million. But this was viewed by the citizens as a way by which corrupt governments can hide their ills and feared that the truth will come out. Hence, Wikileaks found a lot of support which is suggested by 600 thousand people signing against the arrest of Julian Assange. Apart from a lot of support from over a billion people across the world, Governments of Brazil, Russia and even United Nations praised the efforts to bring transparency in the system.


Wikileaks operations were handled by a core team of 5 people, and around 800 people support the operations. As far as the funding for Wikileaks is concerned, its primary finances were generated through donations, which take care of the $250,000 per annum operating expenses. The major operational activity is gathering factual information about Governments, banks, Government aided institutions, international affairs etc.


Wikileaks was formed with an intention to bring out the truth to the people by a medium which would be transparent for all. And with the backlash from various Governments, who themselves hid the facts, showed that Wikileaks had actually managed to ‘Open Governments’ .


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