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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 15, 2011

Recently I got hold of new look slim iPad2 device. I was playing around with the famous angry bird application, when I accidentally realized that if I use all five fingers of my hand and try to pinch in, the running application will go to background and home screen will appear.

Mobile application development has emerged as a completely new sector for business today. Every day, we see a new start-up that has its business in mobile application development. If you compare by number of applications in the market, Apple has more than 400K apps in its app store while android has crossed 300K in android marketplace. Let's focus on the three most sought after segments in mobile application development


Mobile Tech-The Future !

Document Solutions: Recently I visited USA to attend Adobe tech summit in San Jose. In a flight from Chicago to San Jose, I observed that in every row, atleast two people were busy using their tablets for reading e-book or some other document. Amazon is selling its Kindle, an e-book reader solely on this concept. Other -company such as Adobe which provides a pdf reader solution on Android market, windows mobile7 and playbook has reached a customer base of over 10 million in no time. Certainly this is the most sought after segment in mobile world, primarily because of the reasons that people don't want to switch to their laptops or desktop every time they want to read their favorite e-book or check their email for some document attachment.


Mobile Banking: Another segment in mobile application development that is developing lot of traction lately. Recently, Visa Inc acquired Fundamo, a leading provider of mobile services for financial institutions. This acquisition will provide next generation of mobile payments options. Further, certain firms are working on concepts like payment by credit card directly using mobile phones. In near future you may even not carry your wallet along with you because everything will be directly available on your mobile.


WalMart in your pocket: Now you can shop for any merchandise while you are travelling or attending any business meeting on-the-go. eBay is gunning for a whopping $1.5 billion in mobile sales this year, and Amazon’s mobile site traffic is second only to eBay among vendors of real-world stuff. Certainly, this area is lot more to be explored and combination of social indexing, and what people like and dislike will certainly take this segment to a new level.


All said, there are numerous applications for all these segments that pre-exists in the market. But not all of them make that impact on customer’s mind. One thing that every business should focus on while developing an application for mobile is giving the best user experience. As in case of desktop solutions where functionality matters more to users, in case of mobile world, it’s experience and ease of use that counts.

About the Author : Mayank Gupta, B.E. Thapar University is a Software Engineer ( mobile apps) in Adobe India. Views are personal.

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