Technology: Changing Face Of Human Existence

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on June 05, 2012

We see how paper has been replaced by e-paper in the name of a greener and healthier world… In the name of being eco friendly as – save trees, save paper, use e mails...

E newspaper is another new and upcoming thing.

I have seen people looking out for news on the net more and more often than looking at the newspaper and reading out the entire publish!

E-commerce is trending into the next big thing as suggested by today’s edition of HT business.

It suggests that e-commerce, in India itself, has a potential to rise as high as $260 billion, as customers today are more and more inclined to comfort as they get to shop and transact sitting at home…

Just one click, and the current through that wire sends some blip-blob signals in the form of some Morse-code that the blip-blob reader at the other end receives, sends it to another blip-blob receiver which virtually takes out cash from your virtual money account in the banks and a final blip-blob completes the transfer just to make sure that the order delivery reaches to you in the next 2 days without you having to move an inch.

Sitting at home you get to have whatever you want, whenever you want. From having a pizza through that cell-phone call, to movie tickets online, shopping necessities and what more, it’s growing bigger day by day.

There’s no doubt that the e-business and the need to stay connected all the time, via connecting gadgets, is multiplying manifold. Who would have thought of having such an easy life about 5 decades ago…The answer is no one could have thought so.

However, let’s look at what else internet brings to us.

Facebook, connects us together giving us a platform to interact, a platform to communicate, a platform to express and whatnot! Those who are vary of expressing in person can go and freely express themselves on their FB walls, status updates, upload pictures, share music , moments. People can play games together on various applications and be able to stay in touch even without having met in the last decade staying in farthest places on this planet.

Internet is also providing us with unlimited storage for all of us having accounts, so that we need not bother about maintaining those hefty album books, that bulk of CD holders (big disks in days of stereo phones)… all this is coming for free! I have doubts.

It makes me wonder as I relate it to what I’ve heard more than once from many.

“Nothing comes without a cost, there are no free lunches!”

Again looking back at it, it’s the same medium, internet and computer that I’ve used to write and share this article with all of you. Gives me a chance to express and communicate.

Looking at Google, world’s giant search engine, replies to any data query in seconds (given the modern day data speeds). If there is any question that we seek an answer for, we today rely more on the answer that Google provides us with than the solution our professors have given us with.

Surprisingly, even our teachers trust Google’s solutions more than their own solutions.

Hard to believe one of my own professors told his students - ‘Google is your first teacher, YouTube, the second and then comes I

There is actually nothing wrong about what he said. With so much data in the form of texts, audios and videos in more than 100s of languages and for people of all age groups, there is no reason why anyone who seeks knowledge and advice should not refer to the ocean of data on the internet.

The total number of people who are unwilling to work is increasing in the US and there is a substantial loss in the average effective work per individual in spite of the average working hours per individual on a rise.

Not talking of those who can’t afford the riches of the modern world, from the time we wake up, (using a mobile-alarm), to the time we sleep, the only tasks that we do without technology are those in the bathroom or when we eat food (again which is made in Micro=ovens) or when we play (not on android though!)

Unbelievable, but that is true

  • Waking up using mobile-alarm,
  • Having food using again Microwaves, ovens
  • Traveling using cars/planes
  • Working on Computers and other electronic device
  • Watching movies-It’s all technology, sit back you get the tickets and then you are an audience
  • Enjoying sports-How many of us are playing regularly anyway, we prefer watching players
  • Watch Television sets- sit back with the remote and the current through that wire does it
  • E-Shopping
  • E-Transfers
  • E-Mail
  • E-Education
  • E-Bidding
  • E-Business
  • E-blah blah (I am running short, I think I need to Google it)

Today, as an MBA student I am used to the fact that the first thing that I do when I wake up is to check my mail. That is also the something I do before having lunch, after having lunch, in the evening, before having dinner, and just before I go to bed.

So is the case with students all across the world that is all who are dependent on the internet one way or the other for their education.

From sitting on the bed after getting up, to riding on seat, then on a PC, then on a machine, and then on a car just to go back and finally resting on the same bed where we lay our backs,

We rarely do little physical work.

All the physical work has been delegated to the machines and several microchips. It has been delegated to technology and we are left with little programming and monitoring.

Are we really tired with this? Is there something else?

If it possible to have mental fitness without being physically fit is the question I would like you all to think of for once. Oh c’mon, all of us know how our dads worked a lot more when they were our age. We have all heard this story time and again. All of our parents possibly can’t be lying.

Ask them and they would also tell you that their parents worked twice as much as they did!

So what is that is changing! Is it the dependence on technology that is turning us this unhealthy way?

At times I see of that alien face they show on Star movies as none other but the one that the human race will bear in long future… Full of brains, added smartness and high on sensitivity!

It is visible that we are getting smarter in terms of use of technology as we are multiprocessing and multi-tasking with so many technological devices at the same time, creating lots of products in little time without much effort. All this is possible as technology is the labor that is employed and much has been said about the infinite power of technology by everyone.

However, it is reasonably evident that humans today are much weaker and sensitive (not to forget the current atmosphere is also a factor) than that of their ancestors.

Oh I don’t need to prove that. My grand dad had an HB of 16.5 when he was 80! He had less than a normal diet. He was a plane hardworking guy, who rode his bicycle and traded wheat and was very fond of his ‘Hukka’.

One might argue that it might be the case of an individual, but records will tell you that there is significant evidence that the strength in the human race is on a decline.

More and more diseases are being found out which were earlier never existed. However, some of them were not possible to diagnose in the earlier times but one has to admit that the immunity levels have dropped to an all time low.

Seasonal weather changes lead to ailments and many of us are used to the supplements and daily dose of medicines that is needed to keep us in proper health.

Most of us are being forced to hit the gym and that alone would not help, we need various sorts of powdered-proteins.

None the less, we can blame atmospheric conditions, the planned impurities by the makers in the food products today and also to the junk diet that we are all accustomed to but we need to realize that are essentially the choices that we as humans have made and thus have conformed to live with them. Does all this has anything to do with technology? The answer is ‘affirmative’.

My little cousin was an expert in the Ninja game on his android when he was 7 years old!

It was his choice that he chose the android game over the sports that some of his friends play outside because it was simply more fun. Today, he is 9 and is over weight (calling him obese will not sound neat). He still spends almost 2 hours on the phone playing, not even talking.

There are some conscious choices that we make in our day to day routines when we switch over to technology for comfort, use our laptops to use simple tasks for us that we could have done easily. We have no right to blame technology when we are so dependent on it.

And then we argue that it’s the point of having technology to make tasks simpler for man.

But I guess that the comfort of having loads of data on the internet, to be able to sit and press pedals and be able to commute to places without any physical effort, to be able to avoid 20 stairs by pressing a button to call the lift or use an escalator, to be able to do almost all our projects virtually on computers and other machines, to be able to sit back and enjoy All The Time.

I believe all this has a cost, a cost to which we have shut our eyes due to the comfort and ease it gives along.

Taking the differentiating factor out of us that differentiates us from machines, it is Reducing Strength, Reducing health and Reducing life.

The article is just intended to make you think over how comfort and luxury by excessive dependence on machines is affecting our lives adversely and has huge implications for human sustainability in the longer run.

I don’t really have the credibility to say whether or not technology is good or bad for the human race, but I do know one thing-

Technology is for assisting a man in his hard work and helping him in order to achieve his earnest endeavors, but definitely not for substituting a man’s hard work in order meet his greed for luxuries.

And it is onto us to make sure we have the charge and control over the situation and step back from any assistance that lures us into long term failure. It is time to be self dependent, and have reliance on human capability even if it takes more effort out of us. Nothing is unachievable by the formidable force of human will coupled with the right intent.

If dependence on anything will be required, it will be teamwork, which will in time, bring success to all in a sustainable and scalable manner.

This article has been authored by Deepak Bansal from MDI Gurgaon.

Views expressed in the article are personal. The articles are for educational & academic purpose only, and have been uploaded by the MBA Skool Team.

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