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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 01, 2011

There are so many new career options in the world today. And there is a huge crowd of youth to get into them and are confident about their safe and secure future. People these days look for inspiration beyond family and peers, which motivates the youth to choose the career of their choice and excel in it.  It is usually observed that in today’s world, people look for a new direction in terms of career. And a new upcoming, innovative and challenging career opportunity which is attracting the youth today is Wedding Management.


Wedding Management- A business ?

Wedding management is a very creative, new and upcoming career option. It has a huge opportunity to entrepreneurs as there are so many religions and castes & each one can stand out in any specific particular field. It opens the gates of success and employment for many as wedding management cannot be handled individually and requires a workforce too. It requires team work from lighting arrangements to catering to decorations to invitations. It is basically not an easy task to do in a limited time frame and it requires thorough planning and co-operation of each other.

Wedding planning is done according to the needs and wants of the customer. Every religion, individual and society has different ceremonies and rituals which are necessary to be followed by them. The challenge is to make arrangements accordingly and to keep a check whether everything goes right or not. There are budget marriages i.e. organizing the wedding according to the limited budget set by the customer. And to keep things within the budget is a challenge for the wedding management team. Hence, for Budget weddings, performing within the budget limit is the most important thing.

A wedding planner is held responsible for every little mistake done by his or her team. There is a possibility of failure as managing a wedding is not an easy task by any means. Planning of events, decoration of the venue, serving the guests cannot be taken lightly and everything has to be done perfectly without any faults, so as to give the guests an ‘Experience’. The wedding planner should have backup plans in case of problems like power failure, catering issues (food related), venue arrangements and other things.

The wedding management business functions on the basic principles of management. Planning the whole marriage with every possible event and being prepared on time requires time management. Organizing the things according to the requirements of the customers and within the budget limit also requires management skills. Directing the team to work together according to the plan and controlling the work and tackling the issues is a critical challenge in wedding management.

To be successful in this career, one needs time to get established with perfection and perfect way of handling the responsibilities.  Implementation of original ideas in every opportunity, by making the wedding day of a newly married couples life a memorable event, can be achieved by giving them a special experience. The wedding should be a dream for the couple.

Wedding management is a challenging and interesting career option as it helps an individual to showcase his talent and show the world that how creative and innovative they are. This gives them a chance to prove themselves and show their ability and wide capacity of imagination. However, the success in wedding management is largely due to a positive word of mouth from the people who have had a splendid experience.

And no matter if there is recession or inflation, weddings would always happen.

About the Author : Gopika Mathur is an aspiring MBA. Views are personal. Her interests include Commerce, Reading, Dancing, Socializing.

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