Green Companies - Transforming the world with cleaner energy

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on July 26, 2011

Environmental issues are one of the major challenges that companies face today. With strict rules and regulations in order to protect the environment, companies find it tough to overcome each hurdle and to satisfy all the prerequisites. Governments and global institutions have laid down critical guidelines which have become mandatory for companies to observe as a part of their social and environmental responsibility. And there have been benefits due to this. This has also opened a new horizon and given birth to new eco-friendly companies- Green companies.


Going the green way ?

There has been an emergence of new green companies which are looking forward to revolutionize the way technology is being used and implemented. Creative and breakthrough products from small intelligent fridges to huge wind turbines are becoming a part of generating clean and efficient energy. Organizations are constantly innovating to cut down on carbon emissions and transform energy into a much cleaner form. Some of the big projects are powerful and colossal wind turbines, constantly monitoring the national grid for less power consumption, tidal lagoons to protect the coastlines while generating electricity etc.


Green companies are revamping and totally reconstructing their infrastructure with a long term perspective. Moreover, all the major infrastructure projects are trying to use as much as natural objects as possible for their project development. For e.g. slight breeze can move the propellers of aero-generator turbines, which could be sufficient to generate electricity for commercial purposes. Moreover such a technology could be used in places like mountain terrain, oil platforms on seas and other windy places. Thus, the phenomenon which green companies are adopting is that they are taking inspiration from nature. They are scaling up the size, intensity and durability of their projects by learning from and becoming a part of the ecosystem itself.


The major focus of green companies is to generate cleaner energy by innovative design and technology by using naturally available resources. Tidal energy along the European west coast has been constantly used to overcome power issues. Simple yet radical designs help generate more than 400MW power from tidal energy. Apart from this, its innovative design and infrastructure makes sure it protects the coastline from erosion, storms and other disasters. Also, such is the design of these projects that they could be constructed from dredged sand and seabed material or even waste slate. Thus, these projects create the entire infrastructure from their natural ecosystem itself.


Green companies however have to invest a lot more than other companies due to the lack of available knowledge as well as technology. Every design, project and requirement is different thereby making the cost of projects very high. But in the long run, this would not only keep the environment clean but would also reduce the burden on companies while paying for the ever increasing fuel rates.


Other ideas which green companies are tapping include sewage treatment processes from which they look to extract more electricity than current projects do. Solar energy is also a core area which is being developed extensively and with projects like giant solar heaters showing signs of realistic and practical implementation, they might become the next major source of providing energy.


Venture capitalists are also focusing on supporting green companies due to their imaginative market and the scope of growth in the long term. New renewable energy technologies are becoming an integral part of the industries and is expected to gradually replace the existing use of non-renewable fuels. Thus, the role of green companies by providing clean energy to the world is definitely a stepping stone for the future.

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