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Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on September 19, 2011

In this competitive world, companies need to ensure that they maintain a strong relationship with their customers which they have managed to acquire over a long period of time. Organisations spend tremendous amount of money on marketing, advertising, research and development, training people, retaining employees etc, which helps them eventually in creating a sustainable brand. However, manufacturing goods is another major aspect which organizations have to focus as they keep on growing.  As businesses grow, manufacturing plants have to increase the amount of good which are being produced. Increasing volume of production ensures that the company is able to provide enough supply to cater to the demand of the product. And one method of creating a large volume of goods systematically is the process of batch production.


Assembly Line

Batch production is the process in manufacturing of goods and products, where similar products and items are produced together in a lot or in batches. Batch processing involves a similar raw material input, going through the entire manufacturing production line process and producing similar products. Batch processes are basically for speeding up the processes as it leads to effective time-management, as since the same product is being produced in a large volume, then the inputs and processes remain static and it leads to a quick production of products in batches.

Batch production is an effective way of producing goods. Batch processing has several advantages for which it is widely followed in every major industry where similar good have to be produced in large volumes. One of the major advantages of batch production is that it drastically reduces the cost of the product as it reduces setting up cost, individual monitoring of each product cost, reduces time etc. Batch production can be undertaken and performed effectively by simply special automated machines which can give huge volumes in very little time. Also, modifications and customizations in products can also be done in batches through machines. Also, batch production ensures more efficiency of the machinery in a manufacturing plant. Since batch production requires a good control and skill, it also increases the efficiency of the workers, thereby increasing the productivity. Thus, effective time management, increased efficiency and higher volumes of production make batch production an effective process in management.

On the contrary, there are certain ill-effects of batch production as well. After each batch is produced, the entire machines need to be reset and customized for the next batch production to take place. Hence, the time lost due to switching between batches delays the production. Also, batch production allows only a single product to be produced at a time. This has an adverse effect as there is loss of production of other products which need to be manufactured. Apart from this, if a new batch has to be produced, the pre-requisite inventory has to be kept in place, which increases inventory and stocks, and also initial financial investment. Completely automated systems also tend to de-motivate the workforce and decrease their efficiency. Another major flaw in batch production is that if a wrong production is performed then, the entire batch of products becomes a waste.

Batch production is an effective process where it requires similar products to be made in large volumes. Production of medicines, electronic gadgets/ components, bakery products, toys etc are all done in batches, which helps companies produce large volume of similar items in a small time.

Companies have to find newer and efficient methods to do justice to the demand for products made by the customers. Along with that, they also have to consider their own financial feasibility and ensure timely production. The need for the hour for every manufacturing plant is to produce a large volume of goods at a respectable price and within a given time frame, and this is where the process of ‘batch production’ ensures effective manufacturing.




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