Hospitality Industry-It's all for the Customer Experience

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on February 06, 2014

Tourism is one of the biggest service industry sectors considering that out of the global 6 billion population even if 1 percent i.e. 60 million people travel for a holiday atleast once a year, it gives a huge potential for businesses to explore. From travelling to the Alps in Switzerland to the monuments in India to the beaches in Greece to the safaris in Dubai to the night life in Paris, every country ensures the best possible service and attention to their customers. The foundation for a place successfully is based on the service provided to the customer, and if this hospitality is able to give special life long memories to the customer, then such an experience would lead to a positive word of mouth., Salvatore Vuono

These days, the holiday experience starts at the time of booking a tour package depending upon whether its for a family, honeymoon or a business trip. Online availability of information provided by tour operators, gives a lot of convenience to customers. Constant support for customers through the help of tour operator agents makes it easier for customers to choose their destination, customize their packages, and process their documents, get tickets and visas. Add to that the convenience of online payments or collection of cheques from a customer’s doorstep, ensures that the customer is at ease all the time. Such an efficient service at the beginning of a tour gives a lot of confidence to the customers and adds to the experience.


The main challenge for the hospitality industry comes when coordinating between various services like tour operators, hotels, restaurants, taxi services, bus pick-ups etc. A well coordinated network is the most essential in ensuring a comfortable experience for a customer. Apart from time management, it is utmost important that the service provider gives the best possible pick-up car service and chauffeurs who have the most apt etiquettes. Small gestures like welcoming, picking up luggage, opening the door, being polite etc give the customers a relaxed and comfortable feeling.


Hotels can add maximum experience for a customer as majority of the interaction happens with the hotel staff as customers make the hotel their base. Providing clean rooms to arranging quality breakfast says volumes about the hospitality that the customer gets. Additional services like wifi internet, pool facilities, gymnasium, sports, and locker safes for valuables atleast give the customers plenty of options to spend quality time at the hotel itself. All these qualities add much value to the customer and such a quality service would only lead the customer recommending the same to their friends and family.


Even tourist places offering tour guides at places of interests have to ensure that the customer takes home an enriching experience. Be it being on time or getting quality information or getting the required guidance, each one of these adds value to the experience which the customer is taking with them. Any issues would lead to the people being unhappy which would in-turn cause an unfavorable image of the destination and its people.


The tourism industry is consistently growing in leaps and bounces. With better, faster and cheaper means of transport and accommodation options available for tourists, the number of people travelling across the globe has never been higher. Thus the opportunity for the hospitality industry to cash-in is tremendous. But the one thing they must ensure is that the only things that a customer wants to take home are “happy memories and a wonderful experience”. And if the hospitality industry manages to deliver the same, rest assured the tourism industry would boom even further.



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