Australian Stock Exchange - ASX

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Definition: Australian Stock Exchange - ASX

The Australian Securities Exchange is Australia’s primary securities exchange. It was created by the merger of Australian Stock Exchange and the Sydney Futures Exchange.

The ASX was formed in 1987 through consolidation of 6 independent state owned exchanges. Each of these exchanges had history of trading dating back to the 19th century. In 2010, Australian Stock Exchange launched a new brand known as ASX Group. Today ASX is a top-10 exchange group globally by market capitalization.

It is a globally accepted world class stock exchange. It is multi asset and vertically integrated. It facilitates Swaps, Derivatives, and energy trades along with options, equities and warrants. It acts as a listing and clearing house for various trades. Its total market capitalization is $1.5 trillion. Its interest rate derivatives market is the largest in Asia. It is operated based on world class regulation meeting the global criterions which makes it internationally compliant. It is the first major market open every day. ASX has 150+ years exchange experience. 6.7 million Shareholders trade on ASX for 2200 listed companies and issuers.


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