A-B Split

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Definition: A-B Split

A-B Split is a tool for measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The whole sample of the audience is split into two groups on a basis which is random and one group for suppose GROUP-A is called the control group and another for suppose GROUP-B is called the test Group. Now both these groups are subjected to two different variations of the same campaign and the responses of the groups are studied to analyse which variant is most effective in improving response rates to a marketing campaign for a desired outcome.

Although this has been used to test mostly emails campaigns but there are instances of successfully adapting it for use in interactive media like email blasts and banner advertisements.


1. Suppose there are 100 people on the mailing list of a Marketing company. Now these are split into 2 groups A and B .

2. Now two mails are sent to the two groups with slight variations –

a. Group A There are certain visuals along with the text .

b. Group B is exposed to only Text in the mail.

3. The results observed are as follows:

a. People click though @5% in case of Visual and Text both(Group A)

b. People Click Through @3% only in the case of only Text.(Group B)

4. Interpreting the results: In this case visual proved more effective in gaining interest of the audience.

5. The test can be further applied using different images, sizes, place of image, number of visuals etc


Hence when the Campaign is being run on a greater scale these insights can be used to reduce costs, Chances of errors and gaining better responses.


Hence, this concludes the definition of A-B Split along with its overview.

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