Mont Pelerin Society

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Definition: Mont Pelerin Society

It is an international organization featuring eminent economist, philosophers, historians, intellectuals, business leader and other personalities committed towards political and personal freedom. They often champion the cause of freedom of expression, economic policies of free market and political values of an open society.

It started from the meeting organized by Professor Friedrich Hayek, inviting other 36 scholars to discuss the state and possible fate of liberalism. The society in its first place was to facilitate the exchange of ideas between like- minded scholars to propagate the idea of free society and to study the effects of free market economic systems.

The major issues which were an area of concern for this society were:

• To reassess the function of the state and to clearly demarcate the functioning and philosophies of a totalitarian government and liberal government

• To ascertain and establish the prevailing laws and ensure their development in such a fashion so that no particular group can encroach upon the personal freedoms of another group and dominate

• Establishing an international order so as to ensure sustenance of peace and harmonious spread of international economics

• Prevent use of history as a tool to create hostility among different social groups


Hence, this concludes the definition of Mont Pelerin Society along with its overview.

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