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Definition: Streetable

The word has its origins from the concept of Wall Street. It’s the street in lower Manhatten and is the original home of New York Stock Exchange. Historically it is the headquarter of some of the largest US brokerage firms and Investment Banks.

In colloquial terms the word “Wall Street” often refers to the financial and investment community including stock exchanges, banks, brokerage houses, underwriting firms and big businesses. Generally it also indicates to the big business houses. Due to their ability to raise money easily the big business were said to have unfair advantage over small businesses.

Being Streetable has certain connotation to this wall street image. It refers to the corporations management team which is wise enough to guide and run a public company. Its due to this fact of being of superior quality of the management team that a degree of respect is earned from the Wall street investors which might help a new firm to go public. In order to be successful in the market its genuine credibility to thrive in the tough business environment holds the crux to being streetable.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Streetable along with its overview.

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