Edgar Public Dissemination Service (PDS) System

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Definition: Edgar Public Dissemination Service (PDS) System

Edgar Public Dissemination service system is an electronic system that provides public with an accurate and fast method of downloading all valid EDGAR Filings. These EDGAR filings are submitted to Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). This system became operational on November 1, 1998. It is managed by Attain, LLC and is the primary source to receive all public EDGAR Filings. To use this service, individual is required to enter into a subscription agreement with Attain, LLC; price for subscription is set annually by LLC.

Subscribers of this system are forwarded all public filings acquired and accepted by EDGAR and which are sent to SEC. All the registration statements and periodic reports are sent to subscriber as soon as they are received by the PDS system. Secondary feeds are also made available to the subscriber at significantly low prices than primary feed.

This PDS system is being used by filing agents, SEC-regulated companies and document retrieval companies that need quick access to SEC filings or by investors who need to formulate investment decisions based on fundamental analysis.


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