International Security Identification Number - ISIN

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Definition: International Security Identification Number - ISIN

International Security identification Number (ISIN) is a unique code used to identify securities such as bonds, common stocks, rights, commercial paper, warrants, futures and options. ISIN numbers are assigned to these securities facilitate unambiguous clearing and settlement procedures.

These ISIN numbers vary with exchanges for the same security. However, ISIN are assigned to the securities and not the exchanges on which it trades. ISIN number is composed of a 12-digit alphanumeric code and act to unify different ticker symbols. An ISIN code consists of three parts- a two letter country code which code indicates the country of issue, a nine character alpha- numeric national security identifier and a single check digit.

For Example: ISIN code for Apple Inc. is ISIN US0378331005.

United States & Canada has similar version of ISIN as extended versions of 9-character CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) number.


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