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Definition: Autex

It is an electronic, video communication platform using which brokers/buyers/sellers identify other interested parties on the bid and ask side of a particular stock. This interface communicates the interest among traders and helps understand underlying market liquidity. It is owned by Thomson Financial. Presenting “trade advertisements” in a stock issue of autex tells the interest of various traders who want to understand the liquidity before undertaking a large trade. Less commonly also known as the super message, “supers” are the messages that include the specific size and price.

For example, If one player wants to sell 200 shares of XYZ company while another player wants to buy the same figure and this is communicated using AUTEX, they can identify each other without altering market balance.

Once interest has been discovered and established on both sided of the trade using Autex , it is executed using standard methods like over the counter or using the stock exchange.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Autex along with its overview.

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