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Definition: Returnment

The practice of returning back to work after retirement from the job is called Returnment. Many reasons can be there for someone for choosing this option: financial crisis can drive someone to do it, others may have discovered the life after full time retirement less pleasurable than what they have actually predicted and so they have chosen this option to return to work place that will fulfil the deficit in satisfaction the were experiencing.


It is observer that more and more people who are about to retire are choosing the option of non-traditional retirement or alternative working arrangements. Hence having a lifestyle of full time leisure is not desired or accepted by all the retirees, especially those who are at their early stage of retirement.


As the Life Expectancy of Human life is increasing day by day with the blessing of modern medical science, the support system has be stronger than before for maintaining the same lifestyle over a longer period in retirements. Now a days only few jobs offers traditional benefit plans. Others are returning to the old jobs or joining a different job for achieving desired financial support.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Returnment along with its overview.


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