Barcelona Stock Exchange (BAR)

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Definition: Barcelona Stock Exchange (BAR)

Established in 1915, BAR is one of the regional stock exchanges (others being Madrid, Valencia, and Bilbao) in Spain. Offering three different platforms: public debt, private fixed income and variable income; Barcelona Stock Exchange allows both computer-based trading support as well as open-outcry floor trading.

The official index is BCN-100 Index with 100 most-traded companies. Other indices that are used are BCN PER-30, BCN ROE-30, BCN MID-50, and BCN INDEXCAT. BAR also provides clearing and settlement services along with custody and information services.

There are 36 member companies largely securities agencies that are authorized on their own accounts or on behalf of their partner companies to order buys and sells. Variable income market is the most heavily traded market with 562 listed companies. However, the total trading volumes are only 25% of the national total.


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