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Definition: Cambrist

A Cambrist is any individual or broker who is a technical expert in the field of foreign exchange and is able to predict the effects on the exchange rate, caused by changes in certain macroeconomic factors. A cambrist thus possesses vast knowledge in the fields of economics, technical analysis, foreign currency markets, etc. A cambrist is therefore a professional currency trader who studies and predicts the factors that affect the nominal and real exchange rates.

A cambrist is aware of current macroeconomic policies and the global political environment, including any fiscal policy made by the government or monetary policy by the Central Bank. Cambrists usually play the role of consultants for foreign currency trading. They may also work for various financial institutions such as investment banks or brokerages, as foreign exchange dealers or may choose to operate independently as well.

To become a cambrist, one must register with the appropriate financial regulation authority such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Financial Services Authority, etc. A cambrist undergoes training in courses such as prevention of money-laundering, etc depending on the regulatory authority. The title – cambrist, is not a professional one and as such cambrists usually operate using a different professional title that is recognisable to traders and consumers alike.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Cambrist along with its overview.


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