CINS Number

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Definition: CINS Number

CINS or CUSIP International Numbering System is used to provide identifying numbers for non – US and non - Canadian securities facilitating their clearing and settlement of trades. It is an extension to the CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) numbering system used for North American Securities.

CINS was developed in the 1989 in an effort to extend the CUSIP system to international securities. The first character of the code signifies the issuer’s country or geographic region, which is the differentiating factor from the normal CUSIP number. The next five digits combined with the first letter is used to uniquely identifying the issuer. The next two characters uniquely identifies the security issue within the issuer. The final character is determined by a mathematical formula (checksum type) which checks the accuracy of the previous 8 digits.

For example: The letters given below identify the domicile country of some of the issuers, the list given below is not exhaustive but are some of the examples:

D = Germany

E = Spain

F = France

G = United Kingdom

M = Mid East

S = South Africa


Y = Asia

For example G0052B105 is the full 9 character CINS Number

G – Identifies the domicile country or region, in this case United Kingdom

0052B- Identifies the issuer

10 – Identifies the issue

5 – Check Digit

Hence, this concludes the definition of CINS Number along with its overview.

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