Descriptive Billing

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Definition: Descriptive Billing

Descriptive Billing is a credit card billing method. There are lot of details associated with credit card (and similar instruments) like merchant, amount, date, time and location. The descriptive billing is a method of statement which includes all these details sorted by date. 

The actual receipts are not included as earlier in the country club method . This is compact but accurate. 

Descriptive-billing are governed by Federal Reserve Board Regulation Z. As per the regulation Z if a credit card charge slip is not included in the bill, the credit card company must mention the amount and date of the transaction and a medium for brief identification of the property or services. 


For example:


Source: Airplus, USA

In the above image the purchase date, name of service provider, unique purchase invoice id, price and currency, everything is clearly provided in one monthly statement.

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