Blackberry Addiction

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Definition: Blackberry Addiction

It denotes to the excessive use of smart phones in our lives. It is seen as emerging phenomena among working professional and other users. With the enhanced proliferation of technology there has been a tremendous rise of in smart phone usage.

Some of the behaviour observed is constant checking of mail and answering to calls at unearthly hours, reading texts and so on. Our lives are more dependent on smart phones than ever before. The recent survey shows startling results. It was observed that 70% check their phones in the morning within just one hour of getting up and 56% check their phones before going to bed.

It also has several social, health and psychological implications. People are subconsciously spending more time texting than seeing face to face. Even in social gathering people generally fiddle with the phones. The real world has been replaced by virtuality. There is constant debate on its implication on health. Its relation to brain cancer is a debatable topic, the harmful implication of waves emitted is also a point of substantial controversy. The unintentional down side of smart phones is its use for bullying others. Controversial mms and errant callers can cause deep psychological imbalance to the one being harassed. It has also been associated with sleep deprivation. it has been shown that using cell phones before bed can cause insomnia leading to stress and symptoms of depression. It can cause a systematic chain reaction affecting various facets of our lives.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Blackberry Addiction along with its overview.

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