Hospital Visitation Authorization

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Definition: Hospital Visitation Authorization

If a person wants to make sure that certain persons can visit them in the hospital, then hospital visitation authorization is needed. Also it will prevent non family members from making visits to the hospital. It is a legal document which signifies who may visit (apart from family members) in the hospital.


Hospital Visitation Authorization document can be helpful in the following cases:

• A person wants to make sure that certain people can visit him in the hospital

• If a person has a partner but is not legally married.


The document is like a will which provides specific instruction of what should be carried out in the event of the person who signed the document in unable to indicate his or her wishes.

Hospitals generally allow only biological or legal family members to visit the partner but do not non family members to visit the patient. In this case hospital visitation authorization will help the non family member to visit the patient.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Hospital Visitation Authorization along with its overview.


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