Global Registered Share

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Definition: Global Registered Share

Global Registered Share (GRS) can be defined as a security that can be traded or transferred across multiple borders without the need for conversion. The GRS are also called Global Shares. The same share can be traded on stock exchanges of various countries, in different currencies. For example a publicly traded Company X can issue shares in INR in Bombay Stock Exchange and in U.S. dollars in New York Stock Exchange.

These shares are registered in various countries where they are treated as foreign securities. The global shareholders share equal corporate rights. GRS are different from ADRs and GDRs as these are not domestic securities representing foreign interests. Also different from International Depository Receipts (IDRs) through which companies issue shares in one currency but allow banks to trade them in other currencies, GRS are openly tradable, available to all shareholders. The GRS are not very common in the share markets.


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