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Definition: Twinternship

Twinternship is an internship that helps a company to reach out to its audience using social media or internet driven sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. This type of internship falls into the public relations team within the company.

This is a cheap and easy source to communicate to the tech savvy consumers about the company. With a boom in usage of social media, this is highly employed by many companies across the world. 

These twinterns are also sometimes called brand advocates, can bring significant amount of brand awareness, not always in a positive way. However, despite their contribution they are only there for a short duration, as it is a part of their internship program.

However, the negative side is exposing one's brand to a student or an intern, who has limited knowledge about the brand, company or its offerings, and can cause an issue by commenting or posting something not acceptable by customers.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Twinternship along with its overview.


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