Educator Expenses Deduction

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Definition: Educator Expenses Deduction

Educator expenses deduction is a type of deduction done for Teachers and also for any educational professional working in any educational institution. So this type of deduction is allowed as it is the deduction allowed for any unreimbursed expenses done by them, these type of expenses are mostly the out of the pocket expenses.

It is a type of above the line tax deduction.

Let us understand what above the line deduction means, these are certain type of deductions that are mainly removed/deducted from your income before the calculations of adjusted gross income which is used for tax purposes. Examples of above the line expenses include transactions such as loss of sale of property, educational expenses and alimony payments. As this type of deductions is done on taxable income, so it is quite beneficial for consumers as this type of deductions reduce tax burden on them.

So as already mentioned in the above the line tax deduction, this education expenses deduction will help provide a tax relief to the education professionals like teachers and educators. Please not that this type of deduction is present only in the United States of America. This deduction can be claimed by any of the instructors, counselors, principals, teachers and education aides. But the condition is that they need to work for at least 900 hours in any given school for a particular year.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Educator Expenses Deduction along with its overview.

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