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Definition: Blamestorming

The word blamestorming is used to describe a meeting where people discuss and do brainstorming to determine the person who is responsible for a certain problem or failure. It is made by the amalgamation of the words “blame” and “brainstorming”.

It is essentially a meeting where people blame place allegations on each other so as to come to a conclusion as to who is responsible for the failure of a particular project. It can be seen as the method of finding a scapegoat. It does not really solve the problem for an organization. It involves more of office politics and public relations to determine the scapegoat rather than actually solving the problem.

It is seen as a negative point on any organization’s ethics as more focus is shown on finding the person or people responsible rather than working towards solving the problem and making sure such failures do not happen in the future. Blamestorming can lead to the firing of the person or people blamed in this process.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Blamestorming along with its overview.


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