Claims Adjuster

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Definition: Claims Adjuster

A claim adjuster is a person who analyses the insurance claimed and the extent to which the company is liable to pay for the claims. They handle property claims which involves damages to structures, personal injury or even a third person property damage.

A claim adjuster critically checks the case by talking to the person who claims, inspecting the property and checking past records like medical and police records. They verify the claims and settle the deal with fair amounts.

For example, a person owns a house. One fine day, a tree in the backyard falls over the building and damages property. The claim adjuster would interview the owner about details of the incident and check the damages occurred to the house. He would also examine the cost of repairing the house. Finally, he would give recommendations to the insurance company about the incident and claim amount. In this way a claim adjuster works.


• True justification for the person who claims the amount and the insurer.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Claims Adjuster along with its overview.

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