European Capital Markets Institute

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Definition: European Capital Markets Institute

The ECMI is an independent institute established in 1993 within the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). It undertakes research on capital markets and provides insights and contributes to ongoing policy debates in Europe. It provides a platform for academics, market participants and policy makers to exchange ideas on efficiency, competitiveness and stability of the capital markets. These exchanges are done by research reports, statistics, seminars and conferences.

Membership to ECMI is given to private firms, regulatory authorities and different universities.


Activities undertaken

• This Institute analyses the latest developments in the monetary and fiscal policies and puts forward proposals of changes in the regulatory debates

• It organizes workshops and seminars on different issues faced by the capital markets

• It produces detailed reports on key issues of policies and market developments

• Other than conducting in- house research, ECMI also publishes various articles written by high- profile external researchers

• A yearly statistical package with different charts and tables is issued about the European Capital markets. Bond and equity markets are also covered in this package

• A quarterly newsletter is also published about the recent research projects and the future conferences, seminars and meetings


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