Flash Price

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Definition: Flash Price

Traders use live quotes of stocks and securities to make the decision of a buy or sell. There are certain stocks that have a huge trading volume when compared to others. The up-to-the minute quote of such high volume stocks is generally displayed more often as the trading interest is higher. The quote of these stocks generally lags a bit compared to the current ongoing price. This is primarily due to the heavy volumes on that particular counter.

Flash prices are displayed after every fixed amount of time let’s say five minutes until the actual ticker catches up with the ongoing prices.

The flash prices are important for live trading especially for day traders who maintain strict targets and stop losses. With a huge number of stocks being traded, there is a priority needed for displaying of the quotes. The factors that are taken into consideration are volume, price change, beta, trader’s favorite, news related to the stock etc. real time tickers started in late 90s and before that quotes were displayed on a normal ticker that were lagging by almost 15-20min to the actual live cost.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Flash Price along with its overview.

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