Today’s High

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Definition: Today’s High

A security's intraday highest exchanging cost. Today's high is the most elevated cost at which a stock exchanged over the span of the day. Today's high is commonly higher than the end or opening cost. As a rule this is higher than the end cost.

When you take a gander at a stock quote, you can locate today's high by taking a gander at the second number recorded beside "Reach." One way that informal investors and specialized investigators utilize today's high, alongside today's low, is to help them recognize holes or sudden bounced up or down in a stock's cost with no exchanging between those two costs. For instance, if today's low is Rs.25 and the earlier day's high is Rs.20, there is gap. The ID of a hole, alongside other business flags, for example, changes in exchanging volume and general bullish or bearish feeling, helps market examiners create purchase and offer signs for specific stocks.

In the above picture, the highlighted part shows the High and low price for the trading day as well as it also has the 52week highest and lowest price.

The day’s high is Rs. 916.95 for Reliance Industries limited.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Today’s High along with its overview.

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