Play in Investment

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Definition: Play in Investment

Play is a slang term used commonly in the investment parlance. This term is used for describing the positive aspects of any investment decision. The reason for an investor to make his or her decision is a play in investment. A phrase commonly used by beginner investors is “playing the stock market”. This phrase signifies that these new investors have gained access, either real or stimulated, to the price fluctuations occurring in the stock markets.

Investment in any stock cannot give a guarantee of providing positive returns every time. Any decision will have information going for or against it at all times. The information or reasons that support the decision made by the investor is called “Play”.

The results that come out later from the decision made determine if the play was right or not. The term “play” can be used both formally, in case of an investment article, or informally during informal conversations.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Play in Investment along with its overview.


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