Stump the Chump

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Definition: Stump the Chump

This phrase refers to a person in a meeting, conference or any gathering who might pose questions which are hostile and disruptive and directed at the speaker. These people have various reasons for trying to damage the purpose of the meeting such as:

• Challenging the authority of the speaker

• To show that he/ she knows better

• To steal the “show”

• If the meeting involves higher authorities, this tactic might be used to both undermine the speaker and show him/ herself in a positive light

To deal with such people, the speaker might have to follow the following options:

• Stay positive and in control. Use a friendly environment showing that the rest of the audience are on the speaker’s side

• Try to act as the Facilitator who is trying to bring control to the situation

• Let such a person be the winner in the discussion

• Try to engage the person with humor

• If the speaker is unable to answer such questions, he/ she might involve the audience and ask them to answer the question instead

• Stay in control and assume there is no argument at all

• Asking questions and clarify whether the meaning is the same

• Explain about the different assumptions and why they have been put so in place


Hence, this concludes the definition of Stump the Chump along with its overview.


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