Revenue Per Occupied Room – RevPOR

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Definition: Revenue Per Occupied Room – RevPOR

Revenue Per Occupied Room (RevPOR) is a financial term used in the hotel & hospitality industry in which all the money generated from services in the hotel room including drinks, meals, laundry services etc are calculated per room occupied.

It adds the additional costs which are used as a part of the room service by the customer, along with the room price.


An trade metric wont to assess corporations within the building and lodging industries. RevPOR is employed in conjunction with, or in situ of, the additional customary revenue per accessible area (RevPAR) data point. RevPAR is calculated by taking the RevPOR price and multiplying it by the percent.

RevPOR may be expressed as "total RevPOR", which has not solely the area rate itself, however additionally any further services like area service, laundry services and in-room motion picture viewing, among others.

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